ceci n’est pas un crottoir :: cf. magritte

picture of the day(σ)


etterbeek (brux), 28.05.015

«la trahison des images» (french: the treachery of images), created by the belgian surrealist maître rené magritte, is a seminal artwork of his, that demonstrates the double nature of any sign (cf. sēmeíon, semiotics), namely the illusive relation between a linguistic formulation and its optical representation.

crottoir, as captured this morning somewhere in etterbeek (bruxelles), stands for a wordplay, deriving from the mix and match of two french words:

1. crotte = dog turd
2. trottoir = pavement

the artist is none the less a lover of magritte. douze points à les surréalistes.

however, look for a different poo-poo place instead 🙂




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