voulez-vous |bozar| avec moi :: dido and æneas


bozar, bruxelles, 03.04.015

what if troika by rachmaninov in la monnaie has already been sold out; bozar hosted dido & æneas (henry purcell) conducted by vincent dumestre (la poème harmonique), who may be the most amazing conductor i have ever watched on stage. although it is said that a  r e a l  maestro must be able to conduct his orchestra only by sight, the intensity of the move of dumestre’s hands (no baguette at all?) almost produced themselves the ecstatically tremendous melodies…

douze points : the percussionist. light effects along with various sounds produced by percussion instruments imposed an awesome atmosphere on an otherwise bare stage.

less than douze points : costume stylist urgently needed. dear interpreters of classical repertoire, please do not confuse salome with dido ever again. no slits while performing high class classical arias allowed.

zéro points : half empty (reads the pessimistic way indeed) theatre for one and only performance!

heart for baryton marc mauillon, thanks to whom the empty stage was occasionally turnt into a vivid theatre setting.


voulez-vous bozar avec moi?

considering the effect on the viewer, sc. me having studied virgil’s aeneid in latin, it is quite the same, as when a cinema screening comes to spoil a whole imaginary eden built up in one’s mind while reading wuthering heights (emily brontë)… no hard feelings in the end. every single performance is an eden of variable semiology itself, claiming its autonomous existence, independent from any classical or even post-classical stereotypes, set in a contemporary inter- and intratextuality. let us think out of the box and enjoy!



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