having children :: mais, quelle banalité

avoir des enfants est une des choses les plus banales au monde,
mais aussi, peut-être, notre plus grande mission en tant qu’être humain.

[having children is one of the most banal things in the world,
but, on the other hand, it may also the most important mission concerning humanity.]

i had the chance last evening to watch on stage the official presentation of the great variety of projects to be performed during the season 2015-2016 at les riches claires, in the city centre of brussels.

the ambient was kind of what may well be called  a l t e r n a t i v e , judging of course by one’s previous venues experience. i just loved it. decently colourful, but still dark, flooded by live jazz music improvisation, not glamorous, absolutely fabulous. highlight of the evening : the white honey bunny delivering fruits to the artists, while they were presenting their forthcoming work 🙂

while enjoying the music, during the beloved delay of quite two academic quarters, it was high time the first ensemble appeared en scène : transmêttre * (marwane el boubsi). at that moment, instantly stimulated by the short narration by swiss actress melinda heeger, my thought recalled upon a few words, almost lost back in time, when my good friend alkis, then 37, replied to my precedent relevant question, kindly smiling: « but of course i want to have children! [ relieving pause ] just five years ago… ». and that sounded even sadder, supported by a bitter smile on his face… ever since, occasionally involved in not that much easy going -if going at all- relationships, still no family on the horizon… happy or not, i may not say.

but should this, having children, count as a self-determining purpose itself? not everyone may be destined to have children, not everyone should indeed! and what if the partner of your life moved to mecca after all, you still living a rebel life in paris? does a plan b, c, x really exist or are we definitely lost in the gap we did never ever minded, between trains we (may be pretty consciously) missed?

well, i am definitely not going to watch transmêttre* this september. i will most probably come up with an easier deliverable* performance instead…

*transmettre = to deliver (occasionally, pour des enfants, and generally speaking)



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