commercialising memory :: supermarché leftovers

photo of the day(ς)

grand sablon, brussels, 3.6.015

place du grand sablon, brussels, 3.6.015

back in 2011, when i first arrived in brussels, having no clue what this city might be like, where i should head to, what i should do or not, i somehow found myself in the middle of place du grand sablon, one of the most famous open antiquariat markets in the heart of the belgian capital city.

it was around closing time, which is absolutely strictly respected in this case, and i still remember the feeling i got, watching ecstatically the merchants undistracted packing their stuff :

such a  m e l a n c h o l y  all around

commercialising memory. re-selling once upon a time bought items, which were to serve precise needs and desires, only back in a distant fairy tale time. now, at closing o’clock time, all this stuff may well fit in just one carton box, in order to be once again gloriously exposed the next day, before the lady who shall pass by, shaking -obviously annoyed- the dust off her coat, before the man who may not even notice the dust.

may an once-upon-a-time memory be revived at all? and what is left once the carton box is closed (for a certain »today«)? too much thought put on a tuesday morning walk, you may think. but we shall undoubtedly go on, however, intruding into resting in peace stolen memories, each time we may eagerly haggle the life of others… still too expensive for our cheap needs.



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