day and night :: a given state of fusion

brussels, 6.6.015

brussels, 6.6.015

one of the things that i mostly love in brussels is watching the houses roofs; most of them red, adding joyful colour to the most of the times sad grey sky. these last days, however, my first as a bruxelloise so far, i absolutely recall magritte, each time i look up to the sky in the evenings. let alone the nights. as if they may never come at all, once they arrive, they are almost instantly secretly gone. i am therefore wondering : what might have inspired the belgian painter to the creation of his empire of light?… strong contradiction in colour, interfusion of space and time -how can they be read the simplest way? the continuum of the most taken for granted state of life in its simplest representation…

»let there be light; and there was light and it was good.«

rené magritte, the empire of light II

rené magritte, the empire of light II



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