show me the wor(l)d im horizont :: missing the line

– [blah, blah in german] im horizont [blah blah in german]. of course, in case you may not understand any word, you are more than welcome to ask immediately!
– [almost forced cute smile]
– so, do you already know the word horizont?
– this is actually a greek one. [gentle cute smile]
– [cute embarrassement]

[once upon a time, while still flying from vienna to greece]

beursschouwburg, brussels, 6.6.015

beursschouwburg, brussels, 6.6.015

i still remember, when in my 3rd year at primary school, our beloved teacher mrs. eleni tried to explain what the horizon is, showing to us, curious kids around her, «this line, up onto the mountain, over there…» this must have totally confused me then back in time, as while trying to explain the horizon to my auntie thodora -may she rest in peace- i could hardly relocate this one line i suspected that morning as the «horizon». no horizon from my point of view at all? what the wack?

some years later, horizon was easily made clear thanks to the awakening of my linguistic consciousness… the verb horizō means to define, to make things clear and to set one’s own limits. to decide. like the horizon defines the limits of our field of sight itself, of the field we are allowed to act or to get restricted within.

later on, i was absolutely to be lost once again, once the definition of erwartungshorizont invaded my literary life. horizon of expectation may it be called, and this will definitely take me like a million years to realize that this abstract terminus of literary criticism introduced by the so-called constance school can no way find any correspondence or even relevance with real life. no expectations at all. no horizon at all. just keep on missing the line up onto the mountain… keep climbing anyway.



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