let’s be wiertz :: together

place raymond blyckaerts @ bruxelles, 25.07.015

place raymond blyckaerts @ bruxelles, 25.07.015

c’est pas grave d’être wiertz… aussi non weirds!

i pass by this monument every almost second day, but today it was the first time to spend a few seconds and read the inscription i noticed: WIERTZ. and oops! my flemish friendly german accent could not help pronouncing it the weird way. who are you, mr weird, anyway?

well, antoine joseph wiertz was a belgian artist, whose masterpieces are exposed in musée wiertz that used to be his family house in ixelles, only a few steps far from this very blyckaerts square. now that i already know my next best culture stop in brussels, i may well reflect on weirdness once again… the one i own, the one i’ve lost, the one i long for. no matter how hard it is to discern the fine line between a genuine weirdo and a simply jerk, give it a try to find out your other half, re-defining being weird as being unique, in a way that only this one can tell.

set fire to (politically) correct routine and let’s be weird together.


– give me a reason you fell for me once.
– maybe because you are weird.
– why did you ran away?
– maybe i was not weird enough for you.

end of citation.



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