germanicus superstar :: kalkriese

trying to figure out how german identity was shaped from its very early beginning, varus battle of the teutobourg forest should definitely be a starting point. after destroying three roman legions, the initially more than poorly equipped german tribe could then very proudly start taking the next steps up to a super powerful national state…

i have to honestly admit that archeological sites and museums make me bored. end of discussion. with a few notable exceptions, however, first coming to my mind and heart the oracle of delphi, greece, having as a dream to visit delos – just to stick to my greek origins for this very blogpost – and how could i ever omit cape of sounion… oh, well…

during investigating the beginnings of the german national (in narrow sense) identity, i was very lucky to attend a guided tour at kalkriese, an archeological site, park, museum, roman like paradise in the middle of nowhere in osnabrücker land, north germany.

what impressed me most, was the cultural management of the varus battle, which took place exactly or most probably exactly (s. various debates on identifying the exact place) at this territorium where the museum was then built within. the postmodern architecture of the ugly at first sight building (which as being said initially shocked the locals!) was chosen on purpose, just to remind in eternity of the ugliness of any battle itself. how could a beautiful building ever host the ugliness of a horrific warfare history anyway?

and then… the omg special exhibition, dedicated to germanicus… the roman »alexander the great«, prominently showed as a… super-hero-star! when it comes to history, i absolutely love greek mythology and roman politics ❤ so i was less preoccupied considering the visit to one more of the same archeological museum… what i watched in there can simply not be described in words of compromise… classical meets (post)modern, colour meets marble pale white, light and sound meet evacuated antiquities. me simply astonished.

could we possibly re-think about how we manage archeological sites and exhibits? could we possibly foreground them into an up-to-date state, please? thanks in advance, dear colleagues.

[ 31.08.015 @ kalkriese

[SIC!] 2015 – Summer Institute Cologne ]



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