kalavrytan holocaust revisited ::

i (re)visited kalavryta a few days ago, on the occasion of a literature workshop on the subject of tragedy and the second world war. there could be no more suitable topic to elaborate upon, in the shadow of the kalavrytan holocaust remembrance day…

i cannot put my thoughts and feelings in words. defamiliarisation is a luxurious literary term and i do not want to keep distance from what i experience every time i visit this holy place of mine. i need to stay closer. i need to reflect on this decent post-war melancholy, the one mirroring the impact of an old massacre upon the presence of landscape full of life.

i cannot describe the unbearable burden of history, each time i find myself in kalavryta. but what i can say by heart is that, contrary to all rationalistic discipline i need to serve, i f e e l i am part of it.




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